Fueter's theorem in discrete Clifford analysis

Presenter: Hilde De Ridder, Ghent University, Belgium

Joint work with F. Sommen

In 1935, R. Fueter described in his paper [1] a technique to obtain monogenic quaternionic functions, starting from a holomorphic function in the upper half of the complex plane. This classical result was later generalized to $\mathbb{R}_{0,m}$ for $m$ odd by Sce [2], for $m$ even by [3] and by Sommen in [4]: if $m$ is an odd positive integer and $P_k(\underline{x})$ is a homogeneous monogenic polynomial of degree $k$ in $\mathbb{R}^m$, then $\Delta_x^{k+\frac{m-1}{2}} \left[ \left( u(x_0, r) + \underline{\omega} \, v(x_0,r)\right) P_k(\underline{x}) \right] $ is also monogenic in $\widetilde{\Omega}$.

In this presentation, we consider a discretization of Sommen's result to the setting of (hermitean) discrete Clifford analysis in even dimension: starting from a discrete monogenic function in $\mathbb{Z}^2$, we will construct monogenic functions on $\mathbb{Z}^m$.

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