David Eelbode Awarded Second Clifford Prize

The W. K. Clifford Prize is an international scientific prize for young researchers which is awarded at each ICCA (International Conference on Clifford Algebras and their Applications in Mathematical Physics), i. e. every 3 years. At the 10th ICCA in Tartu, the prize will be awarded for the second time.

The 2014 jury has selected David Eelbode of the University of Antwerp, Belgium (in the picture) as the recipient of the second Clifford Prize for his outstanding mathematical research achievements in the fields of harmonic and Clifford analysis with applications in theoretical physics. He has a beautiful and remarkable publishing record with papers in pure mathematics and theoretical physics journals. His chief contribution has to be situated within the subject of higher spin operators: these are generalizations of the classical Dirac operator from quantum mechanics, which can be used to model the equations describing higher spin elementary particles. The use of Clifford analysis techniques hereby has the advantage that the resulting function theory can be studied in orthogonal spaces of any dimension and any signature. This topic is also intimately connected to the representation theory for both the conformal Lie algebra and certain transvector algebras. Often co-operating with mathematics centers of excellence around the world, he is a real ambassador for mathematics through Clifford algebra, Clifford analysis and group representation theory.

David Eelbode will also be one of the plenary speakers at ICCA10.

For more information on the W. K. Clifford Prize, see its home page.