Plenary talks


Name Institution Title Abstract
Viktor AbramovUniversity of Tartu, EstoniaTriple Systems, Generalized Cohomologies and ConnectionLink
Arturas AcusVilnius University, LithuaniaCalculation of eigens with geometrical algebra rotors (joint work with Adolfas Dargys)Link
Daniel AlpayBen-Gurion University of the Negev, IsraelSchur analysis in the quaternionic setting (joint work with Fabrizo Colombo, Irene Sabadini, David Kimsey, Khaled Abuganem, Vladimir Bolotnikov)Link
Pierre AnglèsInstitut de Mathématiques de Toulouse, Université Paul Sabatier, France1°) Real projective quadrics, conformal structures and conformal spin structures 2°) The Odyssey of Geometric AlgebrasLink
Eduardo Bayro-CorrochanoCINVESTAV, Campus Guadalajara, Mexico1°) Lie Group Motor EKF 2°) Geometric Entities Voting Schemes Using the Conformal Geometric Algebra Framework 3°) Geometric Perception of Pose and Tracking (joint work with 1°) Rémi Megret, Guillaime Bourmaud 2°) Gehová López-González, Gerardo E. Altamirano-Gómez 3°) G. Osuna-González, O. Carbajal-Espinosa, A. Loukianov )Link
Swanhild BernsteinTU Bergakademie Freiberg, GermanyRiesz transforms in image processing and optics (joint work with Bettina Heise, Martin Reinhardt)Link
Fred BrackxGhent University, Department of Mathematical Analysis, Clifford Research Group, Belgium(no presentation)
Kelvyn BritoUniversidade Federal do ABC - UFABC, BrazilThe non-anticommutative supersymmetric Wess-Zumino modelLink
Isabel CacaoUniversity of Aveiro, PortugalQuaternionic Zernike Spherical Polynomials (joint work with João Morais, CIDMA, University of Aveiro, Portugal)Link
Carlos Castro PerelmanQuantum Gravity Research Center, Topanga, CA;  CTSPS, Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA, USA Novel Physical Consequences of Clifford Space Relativity Theory Link
Rogerio CavalcantiFederal ABC University, BrazilVSR symmetries in the DKP algebra: the interplay between Dirac and Elko spinor fields (joint work with J. M. Hoff da Silva, Roldão da Rocha)Link
Paula CerejeirasUniversity of Aveiro, PortugalLocal solvability of the quaternionic inhomogeneous Beltrami equation (joint work with J. B. Reyes, A.  G. Adán, U. Kähler)Link
Lander CnuddeGhent University, BelgiumSlice monogenic functions: algebraic approach and associated Clifford-Fourier transform (joint work with Hendrik De Bie, Guangbin Ren)Link
Fabrizio ColomboPolitecnico di Milano, ItalySome results on the F-functional calculusLink
Oliver ConradtGoetheanum, Section for Mathematics and Astronomy, SwitzerlandProjective Algebra $\Lambda_{n}$Link
Rolf DahmBeratung für IS, GermanyOn a Microscopic Representation of SpacetimeLink
Claude DaviauEcole Centrale de Nantes, FranceGauge group of the standard model in $Cl_{5,1}$Link
Hendrik De BieGhent University, BelgiumThe kernel of the Dunkl Dirac operator as a module for the Bannai-Ito algebra (joint work with Vincent Genest, Luc Vinet)Link
Hilde De RidderGhent University, BelgiumFueter's theorem in discrete Clifford analysis (joint work with F. Sommen)Link
Pierre-Philippe DechantDurham University, Mathematics, United KingdomPlatonic solids generate their four-dimensional analoguesLink
Suleyman DemirAnadolu University, Turkey(no presentation)
Filippo Demonte Barbera, Italy(no presentation)
Antonio Di TeodoroUniversidad de Investigación de Tecnología Experimental YACHAY, EcuadorNecessary and Sufficient Conditions for Associated $q$-generalized Differential Operators in Quaternionic Analysis and Applications to Initial Value Problems (joint work with Adrian infante)Link
Stijn DierckxUniversity of Antwerp, Belgium(no presentation)
Valeriy DvoeglazovUAF, Universidad de Zacatecas, MexicoEnergy-Momentum Tensor in Electromagnetic Theory and Gravitation from Relativistic Quantum EquationsLink
Vladimir DzhunushalievDept. Theor. and Nucl. Phys., KazNU, Almaty, KazakhstanNonassociative generalization of supersymmetry Link
David EelbodeUniversity of Antwerp, Belgium1°) Transvector algebras in Clifford analysis 2°) Operator exponentials for the Clifford-Fourier transform (joint work with 2°) Eckhard Hitzer)Link
Sirkka-Liisa ErikssonTampere University of Technology, Department of Mathematics, FinlandCauchy type integral formulas for k-hypermonogenic functions (joint work with Heikki Orelma)Link
Cohl FureyPerimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, CanadaCharge Quantization from a Number OperatorLink
Ramon Gonzalez CalvetInstitut Pere Calders, SpainHow to Explain Affine Point GeometryLink
Klaus GuerlebeckBauhaus-University Weimar, GermanyOn $\psi$-hyperholomorphic functions (joint work with Sebastian Bock, Nguyen Manh Hung, Daniel-Weisz-Patrault)Link
Charles GunnTechnisches Universität Berlin, Germany1°) Geometric Algebras for Euclidean Geometry 2°) Euclidean Plane Geometry using Projective Geometric AlgebraLink
Jacques HelmstetterUniversite Grenoble I, FranceConformal Groups and Vahlen MatricesLink
David HestenesArizona State University, USA1°) Electrodynamics of Electrons and Brains 2°) A Primer on Geometric AlgebraLink
Eckhard HitzerInternational Christian University, College of Liberal Arts, Department of Material Science, JapanQuaternion Domain Fourier TransformationLink
Jaroslav HrdinaBrno University of Technology, Czech RepublicGeometry of almost Cliffordian manifoldsLink
Uwe KaehlerUniversity of Aveiro, PortugalFractional Clifford Analysis (joint work with P. Cerejeiras, N. Vieira)Link
Igor KanatchikovNational Center for Quantum Information in Gdansk, Poland1°) Precanonical quantization, quantum gravity and Clifford analysis 2°) On the structure of Standard Model from the point of view of precanonical quantizationLink
Simon KiefhaberRobert Bosch GmbH, Germany(no presentation)
Rimvydas KrasauskasVilnius University, LithuaniaClifford-Bezier parametrization of Dupin cyclide patches with applications to molecular surface modeling (joint work with Severinas Zubė, Vytautas Karpavičius, Kliment Olechnovič)Link
Joan LasenbyCambridge University Engineering Department, UKUsing Geometric Algebra to determine a set of consistent rotations from multiple local observations (joint work with Stuart Bennett)Link
Anthony LasenbyCavendish Astrophysics Group, UKf(R) theories and Gauge Theory GravityLink
Dmitrii LegatiukBauhaus-Universität Weimar, GermanyTheoretical aspects of coupling of function theoretic methods and finite element method (joint work with Klaus Gürlebeck)Link
Steven LeharBoston University, USAGeometric Algebra: A Unique Window on the Inner Workings of Mind in Perception and Visual ConsciousnessLink
Paul LeopardiThe Australian National University, Australia1°) The abstract Hodge-Dirac operator and its stable discretization 2°) Software presentation – FEniCS and GluCat/PyClical (joint work with 1°) Ari Stern, WUSTL)Link
Olga LiivapuuEstonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia(no presentation)
Yue LiuAcademy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, ChinaBasis-Free Quaternionic/Clifford Polynomial Manipulations: Mathematical Completeness (joint work with Hongbo Li, Lei Huang, Shoubin Yao, Ge Li)Link
Alan MacdonaldLuther College, USA(no presentation)
Helmuth MalonekUniversity of Aveiro, PortugalRecurrence formulae for sequences of monogenic polynomials (joint work with Isabel Cação, Irene Falcão)Link
Nikolay MarchukSteklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, RussiaOne spectral property of Yang-Mills operatorLink
Gene McClellanApplied Reseach Associates, Inc., USAA Laboratory-Frame View of the Dirac Electron Field Using Geometric AlgebraLink
Patrice NtumbaUniversity of Pretoria, South AfricaFiltered Clifford $\mathcal A$-algebras and orthogonal sums (joint work with B. Yizengaw)Link
Nicholas OkamotoUniversity of Missouri, USA(no presentation)
Heikki OrelmaTampere University of Technology, FinlandVekua systems in Hyperbolic Harmonic AnalysisLink
Roy OsteGhent University, BelgiumUnique characterization of the Fourier transform and generalized transforms (joint work with Hendrik De Bie, Joris Van der Jeugt)Link
Dixan Peña PeñaGhent University, BelgiumSpecial functions and systems in Hermitian Clifford analysis (joint work with Nele De Schepper, Frank Sommen)Link
Tim RaeymaekersGhent University, BelgiumProperties of the Clifford Fourier transform for color image processing (joint work with Thomas Batard)Link
Md. RaknuzzamanUniversity of Tartu, EstoniaGraded $q$-differential matrix algebra (joint work with Viktor Abramov)Link
Martin ReinhardtTU Bergakademie Freiberg, GermanyMonogenic Signals, Riesz Transform and Quaternions for Image Processing (joint work with Bettina Heise, Swanhild Bernstein)Link
Waldyr RodriguesIMECC-UNICAMP, BrazilNotes on Conservation Laws, Equations of Motion of Matter Fields, Lie Derivative of Spinor Fields in Lorentzian and Teleparallel de Sitter Spacetime StructuresLink
Matthias RoelsUniversity of Antwerp, BelgiumScalar higher spin operators in Clifford analysis (joint work with David Eelbode, Hendrik De Bie)Link
Irene SabadiniPolitecnico di Milano, Italy1°) Some functions spaces in the slice hyperholomorphic setting 2°) Approximation properties for functions of a quaternionic variable (joint work with 1°) Daniel Alpay, Vladimir Bolotnikov,  Fabrizio Colombo, J. Oscar Gonzales-Cervantes, Guy Salomon 2°) S. Gal)Link
Serdal SahinYildiz Technical University, TurkeyA New Expression for Higher Order Accelerations and Poles under the One Parameter Planar Hyperbolic Homothetic Motions (joint work with Salim Yuce)Link
Dmitry ShirokovInstitute for Information Transmission Problems (Russian Academy of Sciences), RussiaThe method of contractions in Clifford algebrasLink
John Snyggretired, USA1°) Martin Bartels 2°) Proper rotations for cube and tetrahedronLink
Thierry SocrounGarfe, FranceClifford to unify General Relativity and ElectromagnetismLink
G Stacey StaplesSouthern Illinois University Edwardsville, USAOperator Calculus on Clifford Algebras: Combinatorics to Quantum ProbabilityLink
Osamu SuzukiDepartment of Compute rand System Analysis College of Humanities and Sciences, Nihon University, JapanA Clifford algebraic method for the knot structures of 3D-Ising model (Zhang's conjecture) (joint work with Zhang-Zhindong)Link
Murat TanisliAnadolu University, TurkeyElectromagnetic Energy Conservation with Octon (joint work with Tulay Tolan, Suleyman Demir)Link
Tulay TolanAnadolu Universiy, Turkey(no presentation)
Alexandre Trovon de CarvalhoUniversidade Federal do Parana, BrazilGalois Theory for Clifford Analysis and Applications to Quark Physics (joint work with O. Suzuki)Link
Jaan VajakasUniversity of Tartu, Estonia(no presentation)
Jose G. VargasPST Associates, United States1°) Helmholtz-Hodge Theorems: Unification of Integration and Decomposition Perspectives 2°) $U(1) \times SU(2) \times SU(3)$ from the Tangent BundleLink
Ott VilsonUniversity of Tartu, EstoniaScalar field redefinition freedom in scalar-tensor gravityLink
Vesa VuojamoTampere University of Technology, FinlandHyperbolic function theory in the plane (joint work with Sirkka-Liisa Eriksson, Heikki Orelma)Link
Michael WutzigGhent University, BelgiumReproducing kernels in hermitian Clifford analysis (joint work with Hendrik De Bie, Frank Sommen)Link
Jalaledin Yousefi KoupaeiIPM, Iran(no presentation)
Piotr ZenczykowskiInstitute of Nuclear Physics, Krakow, PolandFrom Clifford Algebra of Nonrelativistic Phase Space to Quarks and Leptons of the Standard ModelLink